Political Science 3998: Senior Honors Thesis Seminar. Columbia. Fall 2019–Spring 2020. Instructor: John Huber.

Teaching assistant. This is a two-term seminar for students writing the senior honors thesis.

Political Science 4911: Analysis of Political Data. Columbia. Spring 2015. Instructor: Robert Shapiro.

Teaching assistant. This course, for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, provided a foundation in applied statistical methods for the social sciences. Topics included multivariate regression, generalized linear models, maximum likelihood, panel data, and time series.

Political Science 1501: Introduction to Comparative Politics. Columbia. Fall 2014. Instructor: Kimuli Kasara.

Teaching assistant. Undergraduate-level course that introduced students to the field of comparative politics and covered foundational topics including the state, violence, regimes, parties, elections, and institutions.

Political Science 259 / African Studies 390: Contemporary African Politics. Northwestern. Spring 2012. Instructor: Richard Joseph.

Teaching assistant. This undergraduate course covered core literatures in African politics, including pre-colonial and colonial structures, independence, state-building, international institutions, and modern political trajectories.

Other teaching

African School of Economics, Benin. Summer Institute for Economic Research.

Instructor. Led two full days of courses on spatial econometrics and data visualization, as well as practicums including Introduction to GIS and Introduction to R, to ASE students and conference attendees.

Macalester College. Course: Political Economy of Development.

Guest lecture. Delivered lecture on the framework of causal inference, field experiments in practice, and the role of impact evaluations in policy-making.

USAID Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Impact Evaluation Clinic, Tanzania.

Academic collaborator. Instructed and collaborated with USAID country office staff to design an impact evaluation for a new policy initiative.


My teaching evaluations from Columbia can be found here.